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Talent Agencies 1113
Actors 4700
Casting Agencies 668
Showreels (video files) 1170
Voice Samples (audio files) 1828
Head Shots (photos) 13998
Projects 64
Roles 118
Breakdown Sheets 12
What exactly is CastingDB?
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CastingDB is a novel European casting software and communications platform for casting directors, talent agencies and actors.
Prior to the launch of CastingDB various casting platforms have been studied and analyzed in depth. Based on this analysis an optimal system has been developed that is exactly tailored to the needs of casting directors, talent agencies and actors.

Advantages that CastingDB offers you:
  • Multilingualism: Set up, edit and retrieve information and data in up to eight European languages.
  • Novel, dynamic search system & GeoSearch: A simplified search for actors speeds up and specifies the desired casting selection.
  • Watch online and/or download showreels in DVD quality, full screen format and real time.
  • Listen to voice samples and/or download them as MP3 files.
    (That means: Additional access to a broad-ranged, European database of dubbing artists.)
  • View and/or download head shots and other photos in brilliant quality.
  • View resumes and/or download them as pdf-files.
  • Integrated project management and breakdown sheet system simplifies and speeds up the daily communication process between casting directors and talent agencies.
  • Personal websites for actors and talent agencies are automatically generated without further data maintenance.
  • Personal websites can be operated under one’s own domain.
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