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Talent Agencies 1113
Actors 4700
Casting Agencies 668
Showreels (video files) 1170
Voice Samples (audio files) 1828
Head Shots (photos) 13998
Projects 64
Roles 118
Breakdown Sheets 12
Our mission is to facilitate actors to get a role from casting-directors through talent-agencies.

Our Story

CastingDB was founded in 2007 by two young, ambitious men, Dénes Poór and Simon Wahorn in Berlin as the first cross European, multilingual casting platform.

Earlier Dénes and Simon created web-sites and DVDs for talent agencies and actors. We realized that an average talent agency spends thousands of euros yearly to distribute agency portfolio DVDs. We created separate custom websites for this need first. We have seen that this could be more efficient with an online system. CastingDB was created based on these experiences. We improved the services according to the needs of users.


Simon Wahorn - the video guy (http://www.facebook.com/swahorn)

Nowadays Simon Wahorn is the leader and bass guitarist of Berlin's most important cult band, Rotfront Emigrantski Raggamuffin. Before he has become a rock star he was a video professional and he was cutting showreals for agencies and their actors. He is focusing on his career as a musician, but he still keeps an eye on CastingDB and he is our most important contact to film-industry.

Dénes M. Poór - the Internet guy (http://www.facebook.com/deneswebb)

Dénes Poór grew up along with the commercial Internet and since his tender age of 7 years he has been treating the keyboards and the inner life of his various computers. He has become a pretty good programmer and today he is focusing on the multilingual web-sites and Internet solutions that serve European needs. In 2009 he established SlovaStudio s.r.o. that is now the operator of CastingDB. Dénes is responsible for development.

Kinga Poór-Szebeni - the support doll (http://www.facebook.com/kinga.poorszebeni)

Kinga had worked in the public sector until she gave birth to her children. She is the sister-in law of Dénes, and when he asked her whether she would be interested in helping him out with CastingDB, she was delighted. When you now contact CastingDB, usually Kinga answers.