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Színész-ügynökségek 1113
Színészek 4700
Casting-ügynökségek 668
Showreelek (video fileok) 1170
Hangminták (audio fileok) 1828
Fotók 13998
Projektek 64
Szerepek 118
Breakdown Sheetek 12
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Why it is worthwhile for you as an actor to sign up for CastingDB...

CastingDB offers you a broad range of services:
  • Representation by an international casting database and communications platform that all European casting agencies have access to.
  • Personal administration access: Administrate and update all information and data (videos, audio files, head shots, resume) on your own.
  • Additional administration access enables one’s agency to assist the registered actor with updating all data.
  • Integrated breakdown sheet system enables actors to be considered and proposed for brand new roles and projects across Europe.
  • Multilingualism: Set up, edit and retrieve information and data in up to eight European languages.
  • Watch online and/or download showreels in DVD quality, full screen format and real time.
  • Listen to voice samples and/or download them as MP3 files.
    (That means: Additional access to a broad-ranged, European database of dubbing artists.)
  • View and/or download head shots and other photos in brilliant quality.
  • View resumes and/or download them as pdf-files.
  • Personal website is generated automatically without any further data maintenance.
  • Personal website can be operated under one’s own domain.
  • Any change of data automatically updates one’s own website, one’s resume and the website of one’s talent agency without any further data maintenance.
  • Personal website can be adapted to preferred design ideas (optional).

How much CastingDB will cost you...
  • CastingDB is currently FREE OF CHARGE. This includes all services: video and audio files, head shots, resume, personal website.