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Színész-ügynökségek 1113
Színészek 4700
Casting-ügynökségek 668
Showreelek (video fileok) 1170
Hangminták (audio fileok) 1828
Fotók 13998
Projektek 64
Szerepek 118
Breakdown Sheetek 12
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Why it is worthwhile for you as a talent agency to sign up for CastingDB...

CastingDB offers you a broad range of services:
  • Administration access to the data, head shots, showreels and voice samples of one’s own clients who are registered as actors on CastingDB.
  • Automatic update as to which new roles are cast for current projects in various European countries.
  • Breakdown Sheet System:
    • Receive detailed role offers from all registered casting agencies across Europe.
    • Directly send the casting agencies specific proposals including comments for each role in question and thereby save time for additional phone calls and separate email correspondence.
  • Permalink: Send direct link to the profile of a specific actor.
  • Multilingualism: Set up, edit and retrieve information and data in up to eight European languages.
  • Watch online and/or download showreels in DVD quality, full screen format and real time.
  • Listen to voice samples and/or download them as MP3 files.
    (That means: Additional access to a broad-ranged, European database of dubbing artists.)
  • View and/or download head shots and other photos in brilliant quality.
  • View resumes and/or download them as pdf-files.
  • Based on the data of one’s clients that are registered as actors on CastingDB an agency website (including news, agency profile, contact details) is automatically generated. No extra data maintenance required!
  • Agency website generated by CastingDB can be operated under one’s own domain.
  • Design of agency website generated by CastingDB can be adapted to specific agency C.I.. (optional)

How much CastingDB will cost you...
  • As a talent agency the registration for CastingDB is free of charge.
  • Our service team (service@castingdb.eu) will be glad to answer your enquiries regarding the prices for all further options (e.g. agency website adapted to personal design and agency C.I.).